Stop Spinning and Start Leading

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Deepen Your Leadership Impact

Free LIVE Webinar on May 14, from noon – 1pm EST

Stop Spinning and Start Leading:

Boost Your EQ and Deepen your Leadership Impact

Do you sense that your team can do better but aren’t sure how to get them there? Are you ready to take a leap in your leadership? Research shows that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) accounts for more than 85% of your leadership success. Learn how to boost your EQ and create a thriving, emotionally intelligent team that you (and everyone else!) want to be a part of.

Join leadership expert Amanda Silver, for a free LIVE webinar

May 14, from noon – 1pm, EST.

You will learn:

What EQ is and isn’t and why it matters
Your EQ strengths and areas for development
3 critical things you can do to boost your team’s EQ
Who will benefit? Executive Directors, CEOs, Community Leaders, Managers, anyone in a position that has you leading or influencing teams

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